Rural Family Medical Network RMFN NSW rural doctors network

Services RMFN offers

RMFN supports retention of rural medical professionals and their families through a range of services that lessen feelings of loneliness and isolation that can be experienced. Communication and a strong friendship network is facilitated through:

  • Seasonal newsletters containing current issues of concern to medical families, profiles, upcoming events, specialised reports, and more.
  • Outback meetings which bring together partners of rural GPs in an informal setting. Financial assistance, on application, is available if you wish to organise an outback meeting.
  • Meet & Greet gatherings which are held throughout NSW to welcome new rural GPs and their families.
  • Crisis assistance for rural GPs and their families during times of stress or serious illness within the family. The RMFN Coordinator is contactable on 02 6545 2461. The CRANA Bush Crisis Line, 1800 805 391 (free call), offers confidential telephone counselling and debriefing for remote area health professionals and their families. Another avenue for health related issues is the Doctors' Health Advisory Service (02 9902 8111) which is an independent, confidential service that offers 24-hour professional medical help to GPs, their families, colleagues and medical students in NSW in times of personal crisis.  
  • Database of RMFN members which provides a current list of contact details for all members. Individual members are encouraged to update their contact details themselves via the My RMFN secure online service. 
  • Working Holidays for Undergraduates (Working HUGS) for students to experience a taste of rural medical practice and lifestyle to encourage them to consider rural practice in future.
  • Family activities at CPD conferences because families who play together stay together, which ultimately contributes to the health status of rural NSW communities!